I passed through the chal city today. The house don't have doors. 

Do they trust humans so much

Or do humans fear the humans inside

Or humans feels it's no worth to get in

Or it's the ant and cockroach killing lakshman Rekha drawn in front of their door protecting them.

I guess we never know.


"Shiv ji, shiv ji ka shank sunae deya muje" 

I and baba shifted yesterday near railway station.


The night sounds keyboard drums Tasha today. Someone's wedding where you are not invited but still a part of it

by laying on the bed and trying to sleep.


I was sitting next to him

I could see his heart beats wave length through the machine

Now the beats went Tak..Tak..takk...

Matching the seconds of clock

I think it's his time.


When she serves food in the plate I see those wrinkles in her fingers more clearly, like a powerful wind came which shaked the sea and suddenly the waves freesed, that kind of wavey wrinkles she had.